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Fecha de publicación: Sep 16 th 2017

Titulo: Blind

Año: 2016

Duración: 105

Resumen: Years after losing his wife and his eyesight in a car crash, a novelist finds new passion for life in an affair with an unhappily married socialite. Nothing can restore the sight -- or the life -- that he lost in one tragic moment. But love might restore his soul.

Titulo: The Chosen Ones

Año: 2015

Duración: 106

Resumen: Young Ulises falls in love with teen Sofia, even as he is forced to lure her into his family's prostitution ring. Now he'll do anything to rescue her. A boy and a girl, each caught up in the soul-destroying world of brothels. Escape beckons -- but at a terrible price.

Titulo: Man Down

Año: 2015

Duración: 90

Resumen: Battling post-traumatic stress disorder after a harrowing tour of duty in Afghanistan, a Marine searches for his family in a dystopian future America. A soldier returns home from war seeking refuge in his family's arms. Instead he finds a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Titulo: Strong Island

Año: 2017

Duración: 107

Resumen: The forces of family, grief and racial injustice converge in this powerful documentary exploring the murder of filmmaker Yance Ford's brother. A bullet shattered their happy suburban life. Then the killer walked free. A family's long quest for truth and justice.

Fecha de publicación: Sep 15 th 2017

Titulo: 30 Days in Atlanta

Año: 2014

Duración: 110

Resumen: Winning a free vacation, Akpos and his cousin journey to Atlanta, where they get caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, romance and trouble.

Titulo: American Vandal - Season 1

Año: 2017

Duración: 35

Resumen: A high school is rocked by an act of vandalism, but the top suspect pleads innocence and finds an ally in a filmmaker. A satirical true crime mystery. Truth. Justice. Dicks. A student filmmaker seeks the naked truth in a school parking lot defiled by painted penises.

Titulo: The Book of Love

Año: 2016

Duración: 106

Resumen: A grieving architect tries to keep a promise to his late wife to help a vagrant teen who has dreams of crossing the ocean on a homemade raft. Personal tragedy drives a meticulous man into the path of a homeless girl looking to sail away from her troubled life.

Titulo: Canteloup N'Arrete Jamais

Año: 2011

Duración: 99

Resumen: Master impressionist Nicolas Canteloup brings to life a colorful roster of celebrities, athletes and politicians in a dynamic one-man show.

Titulo: Couple of Days

Año: 2016

Duración: 102

Resumen: Three couples, each in different phases of romance, head to Ibadan for a fun and frisky holiday. But secrets soon spill, causing trouble in paradise.

Titulo: The Department

Año: 2015

Duración: 98

Resumen: A former industrial saboteur is lured back by her corporate employer for one last job, but her husband disapproves and may need to take action.

Titulo: The Dressmaker

Año: 2015

Duración: 118

Resumen: A disgraced, exiled woman returns from the sophistication of Paris to her provincial Australian hometown to set a few things straight. She left as a girl, now returns as a woman. And in between, she found the depth required to undo an injustice.

Titulo: Falling

Año: 2015

Duración: 86

Resumen: Muna's love for her husband, Imoh, is put to the test when an accident lands him in a deep coma and a new man walks into her life.

Titulo: First They Killed My Father

Año: 2017

Duración: 136

Resumen: A 5-year-old girl embarks on a harrowing quest for survival amid the sudden rise and terrifying reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Caught in the chaos of a brutal revolution, a family is forced to make heartbreaking choices. A true story.

Titulo: Foo Fighters: Back and Forth

Año: 2011

Duración: 100

Resumen: The history of the Foo Fighters comes alive in this documentary, from their demo tapes through the creation of their 2011 album "Wasting Light." They win Grammys, make platinum albums and fill stadiums. Experience their journey -- and their rise to stardom.

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