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Fecha de publicación: Jun 28 th 2017

Titulo: Bokeh

Año: 2017

Duración: 91

Resumen: After learning they are the sole survivors of an eerie apocalypse, a young American couple on vacation in Iceland ponder their love and the future. In love in a lovely land, they need only each other. But when everyone else disappears can each be enough for the other?

Titulo: List of My Desires

Año: 2014

Duración: 94

Resumen: A woman of modest means wins 18 million euros in a lottery but worries that having everything she wants will change her life, and not for the better.

Fecha de publicación: Jun 27 th 2017

Titulo: Chris D'Elia: Man on Fire

Año: 2017

Duración: 65

Resumen: Unbridled comic Chris D'Elia reconsiders his approach to major life events like marriage, not having kids and buying pants for your friends. You're not special and that's OK. He's here to set you straight and help you see the bright side of life.

Titulo: Hollywoo

Año: 2011

Duración: 107

Resumen: When an actress on a popular American sitcom suddenly quits, it has an unexpected impact on the French voice artist who dubs her character. She's a French nobody with a famous voice, determined to get her TV meal ticket back. L.A. crazies, meet your match.

Titulo: Magic Phone - Season 1

Año: 2016

Duración: 41

Resumen: When an ordinary guy crosses paths 15 years later with his childhood sweetheart, now an actress, a magic cellphone allows him to be her protector.

Titulo: Reply 1994 - Season 1

Año: 2013

Duración: 64

Resumen: All hailing from various parts of Korea, a group of college students go from being complete strangers to a big happy family at a Seoul boarding house. It's a trip back to 1994 Korea through the lives of a handful of 20-somethings -- complete with a mystery love story.

Fecha de publicación: Jun 26 th 2017

Titulo: Bad Guys - Season 1

Año: 2014

Duración: 57

Resumen: Reinstated to eradicate the worst crimes in the city, a detective requests the release of three convicts to enlist their help in catching the felons. A notorious mobster. A genius serial killer. A fail-proof hit man. It takes bad guys to handle the bad guys.

Titulo: Gravity

Año: 2013

Duración: 91

Resumen: When debris destroys their shuttle, a medical engineer and a seasoned astronaut find themselves floating through space, with no connection to Earth. Tumbling through the vacuum of space really puts life on Earth in perspective ... literally. What a view.

Titulo: I Am Wrath

Año: 2016

Duración: 90

Resumen: Hell-bent on avenging his wife's murder, Stanley Hill summons an old partner's help in exposing a cover-up by crooked cops and slimy politicians. His wife's death. A cover-up. Corruption among those in power. The first one alone would send any man over the edge.

Titulo: Let’s Eat - Season 1

Año: 2013

Duración: 51

Resumen: With the help of her neighbors, a divorced woman residing in a one-person-household apartment complex learns to balance living alone and eating well.

Fecha de publicación: Jun 24 th 2017

Titulo: Aiyyaa

Año: 2012

Duración: 151

Resumen: An outspoken, imaginative girl from a conservative family pursues her dream man while fending off the prospect of an arranged marriage.

Titulo: Free Rein - Season 1

Año: 2017

Duración: 26

Resumen: A 15-year-old from LA spends the summer at her mom's childhood home on an island off the coast of England, where she bonds with a mysterious horse. She was hoping for a quiet summer vacation in the country. Instead, she found friends, thieves and a horse in need.

Fecha de publicación: Jun 23 rd 2017

Titulo: American Anarchist

Año: 2016

Duración: 80

Resumen: This documentary profiles William Powell, who wrote the "The Anarchist Cookbook" in 1971 at age 19 and spent his later life regretting his actions.

Titulo: Counterpunch

Año: 2017

Duración: 91

Resumen: As boxing's popularity wanes, three fighters at different stages of their career make sacrifices to pursue their dreams of becoming champions. The seasoned pro. The Olympic hopeful. The young up-and-comer. The ring is their home, and titles are their dream.

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